When BuckHaven Lifestyle asked Sean to write an article describing the perfect cheese plate, of course he said yes. A party, regardless of size, isn’t complete without the perfect cheese plate. This article was written in honor of the pending awards season which is exactly the right time to wonder how to craft a winning cast.

Just like any movie it is the cast of characters that makes the film an award winner.  So too with the perfect cheese plate. As we salute the Grammy Awards (February 12) and the Academy Awards (February 28), consider entertaining your crew (or just your two leads) with this perennial favorite. Remember that variety is the key. Fresh fruit, berries, nuts, crackers, olives, pâtés, grilled vegetables, charcuterie, mustard, jams, artichokes, pickles, honey, and breads are always accompanied by the most delicious selection of cheese that will not only whet the appetite of any discerning palate but satiate every guest. Allow us to present this script to an award winning cheese plate for your show.

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