I am a firm believer that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And when life gives you hops, well; when life gives you hops you make beer.

Executive Chef Meg Brent

Megan (Meg) Brent, the first female executive chef of New Realm Brewery and Sean O'Keefe.

There are no truer words spoken especially when it comes to one of Atlanta’s most creative and inspiring chefs, my dear friend, Megan (Meg) Brent. Oh, she is not actually making the beer by the way, she is making some of the most delicious culinary offerings that this city has seen in a very long time and she is now doing it as the first female executive chef of New Realm Brewery!

I became first aware of Meg when she was the pastry chef at JP Atlanta. She was doing a dessert competition and executed hundreds of individual Baked Alaska, each one more perfect than the last. Let’s just say that they were well received by the eager dessert lovers!

Amazed by this charming spitfire, I sought out her friendship and over the years she and I have had many adventures, each adventure to benefit a charity; from supporting the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance to bourbon dinners for Georgia Lawyers for the Arts. Our most fun and most important partnership is the Atlanta Polo Brunch Festival to benefit pediatric brain cancer research at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Meg has been by my side since its inception four years ago and I am grateful for our friendship and can’t wait to see her at the Atlanta Polo Brunch Festival on October 6th.

New Realm Brewery and the Atlanta Beltline

Now back to New Realm Brewery and Chef Meg Brent….just wow! This amazing brewery on the Atlanta Beltline is already marking its mark in the Atlanta beer and culinary community and with Meg’s passion and drive I am eagerly waiting to see what at she can create.

While visiting with her last week I got a chance to try some of the new menu items that she has spirited so far for New Realm Brewery. The new Wood Roasted Beet and Carrot Salad was simply delicious. Served on a base of cashew chili yogurt with miso verde, and euphonia (a New Realm Pilsner) pickled mustard seeds, Meg’s must try salad elevates the obligatory beet salad with new and lofty flavors. There is already a new and sinful Ultimate Wagyu Burger on the menu, complete with a house made cheddar fondue, bacon sauce and beefonaise as well as what can only be described as the most sinful caramelized Cheddar Crusted Mac and Cheese with a Belgian Amber glaze that I have ever tasted!

Another new menu item is the Beer Can Smoked Chicken glazed with New Realm’s “Hazy Like a Fox” beer glaze served with field pea and bacon succotash and a very creamy garlic mashed potatoes. It was absolutely the most favored chicken I have had in a very, very long while.

As Meg continues to develop new menu items she is not limited to only savory delights. With her roots in pastry and desserts she has also begun to develop some beer ice cream delights and one “show stopper” of a milk shake make with cereal milk! There is also a tribute to her infamous Frozen Baked Alaska this one made with strawberry ice cream and summer fruit sauce. With a brewing team willing to experiment with new flavors and styles of beer and Meg’s culinary prowess, New Realm Brewery should be on everyone’s radar!

A Beer Lover’s Fantasy

New realm Brewery is a beer lover’s fantasy and thanks to Meg the food is off the chain. So, if you love good beer and fine food served by a dedicated and loving staff New Realm should be on the top of your list of places to enjoy today or anytime you have a craving!

Personally I cannot wait to find out what she will be preparing for the Atlanta Polo Brunch Festival, one thing for certain, I know that it will be amazing and I know that it will be paired with very good beer!

See you at the Atlanta Polo Brunch Festival!